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Vertical Doors

We do install Vertical Doors Conversion Kits (AKA Lambo Doors). We use conversion kits from premier manufacture Vertical Doors Inc. We would say best kits you can find in USA, they refuse to sacrifice quality in order to cut costs. Your vehicle can stand out from the rest and you can enjoy using it every single day


At Apex Auto Mod, we go beyond just engine enhancements. We specialize in installing body kits to transform the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a more aggressive, sporty look or a sleek and aerodynamic design, our experienced team can expertly install body kits that perfectly complement your vehicle's style. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we ensure that your vehicle not only performs exceptionally but also stands out with a visually striking and customized appearance. Trust Apex Auto Mods to elevate your vehicle's aesthetics with our professional body kit installation services.

Engine Bay

At Apex Auto Mod, we have the expertise to transform and enhance your engine bay. We not only offer a wide range of performance and aftermarket products, but we also provide professional installation services. We take care of installing upgrades that have been thoroughly researched and purchased by our customers. In today's modern era, there is a diverse selection of upgrade kits and crate engines readily available for easy swapping.

Wheels and Tires

We can provide and install new wheels and tires from major brands, or any rims, tires you like. Brands we worked with: American Racing, Enkei, Work, Vossen, Volk, Toyo, Nitto, Venom , and more!


Apex Auto Mod: Elevate your vehicle's style with professional window tint installation. Our expert technicians apply high-quality tint film for a flawless finish that enhances privacy, adds elegance, and protects against UV rays. Experience improved aesthetics and a cooler interior with our top-notch window tinting services.



*Unfortunately due to heavy bookings, we are unable to quote or book new works until mid 2024

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